Thursday, September 20, 2012

offering staking

I am no longer offering staking!


  1. How much do you charge an hour for just a coaching session ??

  2. You are the first player that asks just for coaching(without stake).... I guess it depends on what limit you are playing.

  3. It would be 25NL full ring . On Merge i'm a us player but lately since Full Tilt just reopened we have hardly any tables to play it's just a regfest.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. In reg infested games even the best regs have a hard winning more than 2bb/100.

  5. I wish I could play on Full Tilt . I guess I meant that a lot of non US players that were playing on Merge went to FUll Tilt Nov 6th so we have a lot less players now on Merge. Around 7-8,000 max at peek times now . Use to be up to around 14,000 players which is still sad. Anyway my skype name is All in Clubs in Oregon not sure how different our time zones are but would prob like to try to do a session or two in the next week or so if that would work for you. My days off are weds and Thursdays . Thanks Chris


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